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Between history and legend, the first OAKLEY, made in 1974, were designed to withstand the impact of a rifle shot.

This is thanks to the innovative material used in the manufacture, known as Unobtanium.

Among the numerous testimonies of some users of the time, stands out that of a man who during an expedition to Alaska was attacked by a grizzly.

The glasses scratched but without the bear's claws being able to break through the lenses and hit the eyes.

Another loyal customer OAKLEY says the glasses resisted the fire leaving his eyes entre following a facial burn.

Mountain bikers talked about the possible blindness they might have suffered if their OAKLEY had not resisted gravel pieces lifted by a rubber or bounced off rough branches.

These and many other anecdotes have meant that the glasses invented by James Jannard have entered the history of the world optics by right.

The size of the brand has always been communicated by adopting professional and amateur athletes as testimonials.

OAKLEY merges science and art to redefine the world of glasses; for this reason it has obtained more than 575 patents worldwide.

Sunglasses OAKLEY

OAKLEY has always continued to advance sports technology and redefine the market with cutting-edge optical innovations.

Polarized lenses OAKLEY for example, are designed to undo the distortion that is evident in traditional technologies, thanks to the following peculiarities:

  • Polarization axis: Polarizer filter orientation is critical to performance, so polarized lenses OAKLEY maintain the uncompromising accuracy of EN1836 standards;
  • Infusion molding: the material of our lenses binds to the polarizer filter at the molecular level to eliminate haze and distortion;
  • Lens colors: you can match your lenses to your environment by choosing from an optional lens tone spectrum;
  • Polarized emission: This measure of polarization efficiency exceeds 99% in polarized lenses OAKLEY, an unsurpassed level of performance in the industry;
  • Shock resistance: Performance glasses OAKLEY meet all the shock resistance standards of the American National Standards Institute;
  • Hydrophobic ™ - Hydrophobic' OAKLEY technology helps keep vision clear and crisp by preventing water accumulation and repelling oils and contaminants.

Eyeglasses OAKLEY

OAKLEY offers a wide range of ophthalmological frames and corrective sunglasses recognized as among the best in the world.

Graduated lenses come in different colors, polarization options, and coatings, all high-performance:

  • Metal frames with shape memory;
  • Color Inherence for lenses that never fade;
  • SOLFX lenses ™ that automatically darken and lighten; the world's first truly interchangeable view lens;
  • Rx OAKLEY system that maps the light rays in a 3D grid to achieve precise coordination between the eye and the entire lens surface.

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