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The Charlie Max Milano eyewear brand was founded in 2014 in the City of Milan, the undisputed fashion capital of the world.

Inspired by art, it embodies a marked essence of freedom and is aimed at all those who wish to bring out their identity.

It produces glasses with a high technical content, made by expert craftsmen, using innovative and high quality materials.

There is a strong bond between the Charlie Max brand and the art world, also in the packaging of all eyewear creations, whose design is always entrusted to artists such as Simone Fugazzotto and Stefano Perrone.

Sunglasses and eyeglasses similar to real works of art, refined and eccentric, inspired by the styles, trends and artistic stimuli found in the heart of the Lombard capital.

The Charlie Max team is also based in Belluno, the historic center of the eyewear industry, where thanks to the collaboration with the most prestigious companies in the sector, Charlie Max glasses soon reached high technical and quality levels.

The models and lines of Charlie Max glasses are the result of the work of a young team with a decidedly innovative and multicultural approach, which has helped to make these refined glasses, young and eccentric, the symbol of freedom and creativity.

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