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Since 1917, the year in which the first PERSOL production by photographer Giuseppe Ratti began, eyewear accessories have marked the history of glasses.

Ultramodern frames and lenses also for the time, able to give comfort, protection and optimal vision, so much so that they are used with satisfaction especially by aviators and pilots but not only: sporty.

Famous at that time was the Protector model that was soon adopted by the pilots of the Italian Air Force.

Another innovation PERSOL of those years the crystal lenses produced with pure silica, able to guarantee excellent protection from sun rays harmful to the eyes.

PERSOL Sunglasses - Eyeglasses PERSOL

In the 1930s it was the turn of the Meflecto system, the first flexible rods in the world, able to adapt to any face.

Then came the flexible bridge called PERSOL Victor Flex that increases adherence to the face more.

Then comes the Arrow, characteristic symbol of PERSOL, inspired by the sword of the ancient warriors that has evolved over time to become the Supreme, still a distinctive symbol PERSOL.

In 1957 the timeless model 649 was born, made for turin tramdriver, protected by numerous patents and still in production today

In the 1960s the range of PERSOL expanded with specific work models, taking the company to the top of the optical industry worldwide.

Many movie and entertainment stars such as Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen, who choose PERSOL not only on set but also in everyday life, are beginning to wear them.

Between the 1980s and 1990s the PERSOL were used in the most extreme conditions: the shipment to the Svalbard Islands in northern Norway, several expeditions to the Himalayas, the Paris-Dakar, the Rally of the Pharaohs, companies that allowed to carry out very important optical studies and tests on the quality of PERSOLlenses.

The PERSOL, equipped with polarized multilayer lenses, have also been used at 65° below zero, over the 75th parallel, by Russian astronauts parachuted for survival exercises.

In the 1990s PERSOL created very successful glasses: the elegant 830 model first, entrusting the image to Ornella Muti, and the Carol 853 model then, dedicated, personalized and worn by model Carol Alt.

In April 1995 the brand was acquired by the Luxottica Group, a world leader in the sector, which continues production in the historic factory in Lauriano (Turin) where they are still made with the same attention and care as ever.

Coming to the present day, the innovative spirit of the legendary PERSOL - and their success - has remained unchanged, so much so that they have become a cult
for the looks of big names in international cinema who have chosen the Italian sunglasses par excellence not only on set, but also in everyday life.

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