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    Between history and legend, the first OAKLEY, made in 1974, were designed to withstand the impact of a rifle shot.

    This is thanks to the innovative material used in the manufacture, known as Unobtanium.

    Among the numerous testimonies of some users of the time, stands out that of a man who during an expedition to Alaska was attacked by a grizzly.

    The glasses scratched but without the bear's claws being able to break through the lenses and hit the eyes.


    Since 1917, the year in which the first PERSOL production by photographer Giuseppe Ratti began, eyewear accessories have marked the history of glasses.

    Ultramodern frames and lenses also for the time, able to give comfort, protection and optimal vision, so much so that they are used with satisfaction especially by aviators and pilots but not only: sporty.

    Famous at that time was the Protector model that was soon adopted by the pilots of the Italian Air Force.

    Another innovation PERSOL of those years the crystal lenses produced with pure silica, able to guarantee excellent protection from sun rays harmful to the eyes.

    PERSOL Sunglasses - Eyeglasses PERSOL


    Ray-Ban glasses, original with warranty, have always been the best sellers in the world ever.

    The first iconic model, the famous aviators, was conceived in the 30s to overcome the problems of pilots of the United States Air Force(USAir Force), dazzled by sunlight, who suffered frequent headaches and a sense of dizziness.

    A new type of glasses was introduced, which marked the birth of the brand, with green lenses able to eliminate reflections without obscuring vision.


    The multifaceted genius ofTOM FORD, director and screenwriter but also stylist, emerges in all its originality also in its collections of glasses created for the first time in 2005,characterizing its details with the famous capretto leather upholstery.

    Lines that always remain faithful to the extravagance of the artist, with round and rectangular frames, aviator lenses or large tortoiseshell masks capable of enhancing the features of the face.

    The sunglasses TOM FORD represent an undisputed icon of the luxury brand with a minimal taste attentive to details.

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