Sunglasses Oakley OO 9019 Plazma original warranty italy




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Sunglasses Oakley, original with warranty.
The iconic Racing Jackets are the source of inspiration for plazma OAKLEY , a sporty, lightweight frame ideal for the highest corrections. Sporty and functional, the three-point design is designed to keep the lenses perfectly aligned.

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• SPORT PERFORMANCE DESIGN - Sporty and functional design with optimized coverage, wider field of view, grip and stability of the frame and protection against impacts.
• LIGHT FRAME IN O-MATTER - Frame made of O Matter, resistant and ultralight, to ensure durability and comfort
• MAXIMUM GRIP - Unobtainium terminals and nose pads offer superior stability and grip, for comfort that accompanies you throughout the day.
• SHARPER DETAILS - Available with Prizm lenses, which enhance colors, contrast and detail while optimizing the viewing experience.
• AVAILABLE IN THE OAKLEY LINE - Available with original OAKLEY prescription lenses, with laser-engraved ellipse on the left lens, emblem of authenticity and quality OAKLEY.


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