Sunglasses Oakley OO 9018 Ojector original warranty italy




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Sunglasses Oakley, original with warranty.
An update of the Ahyris family of glasses, they have a unique element in its frame, make the Ojector suitable for every face shape.

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• DESIGN - Classic silhouette that adapts to every face

• FRAME MATERIAL - Durable yet lightweight O-Matter frame provides durability and all-day comfort

• LEARN MORE - Available with Prizm lens technology™ designed to improve color and contrast for greater visual clarity

• ALSO GRADUATED - Available with OAKLEY Authentic Prescription lenses. The left lens is enriched by the laser-engraved ellipse logo, proof of authenticity and quality OAKLEY.

Bridge GaugeHeightEffective Diameter

Rod Length

55 20.0 45.4 60.1 143.0

Your glasses will be shipped inside the original case, accompanied by a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning.