Sunglasses from OAKLEY OO 9479 Manorburn original Italian warranty




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With a lightweight O-Matter™ frame and essential design, Manorburn OAKLEY are a classic model that enhances versatility and simplicity. Inspired by our Sylas, the frame adapts with great character to any type of face, also thanks to the adjustable rods with Ace-Fit technology, which ensure a fit that is always customizable.

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• CLASSIC MODEL - Classic lines ideal for all types of face.

• LIGHT FRAME IN O-MATTER™ - Frame made of O Matter™, resistant and ultralight, to ensure durability and comfort at 360 °.

• ACE-FIT TECHNOLOGY - Thanks to this technology, the optician is able to adjust the frame rod according to the preference of the wearer, ensuring improved comfort and grip.

• SHARPER DETAILS - Available with Prizm™ lenses, which enhance color, contrast and detail while optimizing the viewing experience.

• AVAILABLE IN THE OAKLEY LINE - Available with original OAKLEY prescription lenses, with laser-engraved ellipse on the left lens, emblem of authenticity and quality OAKLEY.

Your glasses will be shipped inside the original case, accompanied by a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning.

Bridge GaugeHeightEffective Diameter

Rod Length

56 17.0 44.3 63.4 149.0