Dolce&gabbana sunglasses DG 6126 original Italian warranty




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Dolce&Gabbana women's sunglasses, original with warranty.
Essential shapes and frames intersized between metal and acetate, to be worn on all occasions.
Square in shape, they fit on any shape of the face, have a 15 mm bridge and 140 mm long rods.
Lenses with 100% UV protection, made of nylon material, have a diagonal of 69.7 mm and a height of 49.5 mm.

  • 501/8G
  • 550/8G
  • 537413
  • 314813
  • 31608G

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Category: Sun;
Gender: Woman;
Form: Square;
Front material: Metal/Acetate;
Auction material: Acetate;
Bridge design: Standard;
Geofit: Global;
Slow base: B2;
Graduation: Yes, standard.

Your glasses will be shipped inside the original case, equipped with a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning.