Dolce&gabbana SUNGLASSES DG 2220 original Italian warranty




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Dolce&Gabbana men's sunglasses, original with warranty.
Refined and innovative design suitable for any situation.
Square in shape, they fit on any shape of the face, have a 17 mm bridge and 140 mm long rods.
Lenses with 100% UV protection, made of nylon material, have a diagonal of 67.4 mm and a height of 47.2 mm.

  • 01/87
  • 02/81
  • 04/80
  • 488/7P
  • 10066G

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Category: Sun;
Gender: Man;
Form: Square;
Front material: Metal;
Rod material: Metal;
Bridge design: Standard;
Geofit: Global;
Slow base: B2;
Graduation: not recommended.

Your glasses will be shipped inside the original case, equipped with a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning.

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