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Eyeglasses Swarovski shine to your gaze by highlighting the lines of your face, with the precious frames with gleaming stones set.

Glasses with simple lines and geometric shapes rich in value: with lenses in the shape of a cat, butterfly, round or rectangular.

Choose the most sought-after model of eyeglasses SWAROVSKI.

Beautiful, functional and guaranteed, made withhigh quality ateriali and great attention to detail.

Glasses SWAROVSKI synonymous with innovation, creativity and precision.

Eyeglasses Marc Jacobs, glamorous and sophisticated, represent luxury in the field of eyewear.

Lenses with obvious shapes and frames with patterned colors are the hallmark of the glasses MARC JACOBS.

Accessories that embellish the gaze with the graceful lines of the female models and the stronger and more overbearing ones of the male models.

Frames that make the difference and highlight the flair and elegance enclosed in the details that give life to eyeglasses capable of reinterpreting vintage styles in a completely original and innovative way.

The versatility of the MARC JACOBS allows you to wear them on any occasion,formal or less demanding.

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Here at Ottica Padula you will find the best of designer eyeglasses.

A unique selection of guaranteed lenses and frames, of the most prestigious brands,so that your choice can always fall into high quality products, in the models that best fit the face and reflecting your tastes, traditional or modern, from the eye-catching design and workmanship to the top of the range.

You can calmly see the suggested proposals, the latest collections of glasses,obviously also available with graduated, monofocal, bifocal or progressive multifocal, anti-glare, anti-scratch and uv protection lenses, for each dioptric, which we will customize as per indications issued by the ophthalmologist.

You can finally say goodbye to the problems of sight with the eyeglasses of the most famous and in-demand brands, available in various colors and shapes.

To each the right glasses, for optimal vision.

Do you still have any doubts? Call us on the phone, we are at your complete disposal during working hours.

And if you are from our parts, come and visit us in the store, we will offer you a coffee and we will have the pleasure of advising you in the best way, even in person.