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Sunglasses: an irreplaceable accessory to protect the eyes from bright natural light and to give your personality a distinctive sign.

Take inspiration from the new frames, the new lines that add important details to your style.

In our online shop you will always find the latest news in the field of sunglasses for men and women in different colors, materials and styles.

High quality frames and lenses, of the most prestigious brands,made with fine materials and subjected to the strictest controls before being placed on the market.

Whether in summer or winter, you can't help but a couple of sunglasses that allow you to safeguard your sight from the sun's rays.

With dark, mirrored and anti-glare lenses,they guarantee crisp vision and complete protection against UVA and UVB rays.

In addition, the frames are all light, durable and anti-allergic.

Whatever your style, in Ottica Padula's sunglasses collection you can easily find the frame for you.